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Welcome home to Edgewater! This historic neighborhood on Rockford's northwest side has graced the banks of the Rock River since the late 1800s. Today, the tree-lined streets retain the charm and character of the past, from the brick pavers on Melrose and Clinton (intact since they were laid in 1915), to the amazing array of architectural styles displayed by the neighborhood's well-maintained homes. 

Edgewater is just minutes away from downtown Rockford and mere steps away from all the amenities the Sinnissippi multi-use recreational path has to offer. In summertime, the sounds of music from Anderson Gardens and the cheering crowds from Ski Bronc shows float across the river. The neighborhood is fortunate to house Oxford Park, which includes a playground, soccer field, and baseball diamond. Thanks to an intact network of sidewalks and lots of tree cover, the streets are welcoming to people jogging, walking dogs, pushing strollers, and riding bikes. Indeed, people are out and about in Edgewater year-round! 

The Edgewater Neighborhood Association has been active since 1979. Neighbors may voluntarily join the Association for a suggested donation of $20 a year per household; Membership not only supports events planned and run by the Association, but also provides funds for plowing snow from Edgewater's alleys.

Become a Member!
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