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EDGEWATER: A Legacy Neighborhood

Edgewater is a beautiful, historic neighborhood along the Rock River on Rockford’s northwest side. The varied and well-kept housing, both single-family homes as well as multi-family dwellings, have helped ensure this neighborhood’s diversity and resilience for decades. Edgewater is also known for its tree-lined streets as well as its access to the multi-use path and other riverside amenities; indeed, people can be found walking and biking, with dogs and strollers, all year round.


Renters and homeowners alike are welcome to become members of the Edgewater Neighborhood Association; voluntary Membership supports events and activities that bring neighbors together for fun and celebration. We invite you to learn more about Edgewater and come visit us soon!

October 2023 Neighborhood Association Meeting
November 2023 Neighborhood Association Meeting
Membership Drive & Luminary Sale 2023
Edgewater Holiday Party 2023
Luminaria 2023
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